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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is It Enough to Have a Resume Builder Template?

It’s never easy for a jobseeker to create a perfect resume, but it has to be done to ensue that you don’t miss a great career opportunity just because you lack the talent to write and format your documents. When this happens, most jobseekers opt for professional resume writing services. But it’s not possible for everyone because these services may cost a lot. That’s exactly when people rely on other alternatives. Using free resume builder template is one such alternative.

While it’s true that a resume builder template is going to make it simple for you to create a resume, it’s also a fact that you need to have answers to some of the most common questions. For instance, even if you have resume builder templates with you, it’s up to you to decide how long the document should be. This becomes quite confusing at times. If you ask an expert, their tongue-and-cheek response would be that a resume should be as long as it needs to be and no longer than that.
What it means is that your unique circumstances and level of experience should determine the length for a resume. If you’re applying for a job and need to create a resume to cover one to six years of experience, it’s enough to go for a one-page resume. In case you have more than six years of experience, a 2-page resume will often work effectively. At the same time, you should also consider what the reader wants to see. Generally, it’s enough to have a one-page resume if you’re a pilot. On the other hand, even a five-page resume won’t work if you’re applying as a Ph.D. scientist.
It’s also quite important to point out that if you’re going to use a resume builder template free, you should ensure you create it while keeping in mind what most employers typically look at on a resume. To pick a right template, always remember that two audiences usually read these documents. One will look the summary of qualifications; they do it to get an overview. The other audience will only read the work history. According to experts, as many as 80% of the executives are summary readers, and 5% or less read the work history in detail. That’s the reason why you need to pick your template sensibly and know exactly what is going to impress your prospective employer.

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