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CraftResumes.com - New Space Resume Service Review

My life after college

I was out of college and actually battling my way out in the real world. I've read a lot of articles in Forbes, Thought Catalog, Entrepreneur and so many sites about how to find a job. I mean, I just got out of college and I don't really have a lot of experience. I’m finding my dream job in a dream company. Who pays well, has a good address, can offer me a career growth and development and of course, a company that I will be happy working and that I can be proud of when people asks me where do I work. I have been throwing my resume from site to site, depositing them on talent banks which well- I saw has forty thousand applicants.

ResumeWritingService.biz Review

Resumewritingservice.biz company had been highly recommended by a close friend.  The website is done very professionally and provides you with all the information needed to be able to settle on the best package for you.  They provide you with easy access to resume writing services, prices, how they operate, their writers, tips, samples and FAQ.  The only problem I experienced was the popping chat box requesting me to begin a live conversation with the support agents.  The chat feature is a plus but very annoying when browsing the site.

Reasons you Didn’t Get the Interview

You have a perfect resume and you know you are the perfect person for the job you just applied for. You are very confident you are going to get called for an interview. However, you don’t get a call and you sit there unhappily wondering why. Here are a few reasons you didn’t get the interview for your dream job.

Resumewriters.com Company Review

The first impression Resumewriters.com gave me that it could have been done more professional seeing that they specialize more in Executive Resumes, and very cluttered.  It has all the writing services you would expect to see on a Resume Writing Service.  They offer specialized services and help on-line, however descriptions of services provided are dull and not an easy to use site.

Resume2hire.com Company Review

Searching on the net I arrived at Resume2hire.com, the website provides you with an easy to use feeling with much to offer from getting started, how they work, pricing, samples, testimonials and support.  They even provide you with a live chat facility the only problem I had is that there is no contact number for those with no internet connection.

USA jobs Resume Builder – Be The Lucky One

The USA job market is an extremely competitive one. There may be hundreds of thousands of applicants vying for a single position meaning that while one person may luck off, thousands of others will be without a job. The question is how to make sure that you are that one lucky person who got the coveted position. The reality is that the majority of people applying for a job will make at least one mistake on their resume and that single mistake can completely create the wrong impression regardless of any outstanding credentials that may be listed on it.

Proresumewritingservices.com Company Review

ProResumeWritingServices.com I found through the normal search providers, the website is easy on the eye and all the information needed is shown on the first page, making it easy to use.
They provide you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work and even a Flat 50% discount offer that is valid for 24 hours.

What makes them a good choice to use that they have been rated the best Resume Writing Service (according to Top resume writing survey 2012-2013) and have published 7 books on resume writing and interview planning.