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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Proresumewritingservices.com Company Review

ProResumeWritingServices.com I found through the normal search providers, the website is easy on the eye and all the information needed is shown on the first page, making it easy to use.
They provide you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work and even a Flat 50% discount offer that is valid for 24 hours.

What makes them a good choice to use that they have been rated the best Resume Writing Service (according to Top resume writing survey 2012-2013) and have published 7 books on resume writing and interview planning.

They provide you with four different packages that differ in delivery times, from 24-48 hours.  A rush service is available with the 24 hour delivery package.


I still feel they are pricey as they do not provide you with a cover letter when ordering your Resume and need to pay extra for it.  A plus is that they do provide you with Unlimited Rewrite service, email and phone support.

My conclusion on Proresumewritingservice.com is that in a whole they are a good Resume Writing Service provider with Certified Writers.
Quick Delivery Time and 100% Interview Guarantee.
The four easy steps they provide for uploading CV, payment, customer service and end result are good.
I feel that they should provide the consumer with a testimonial page for more feedback.

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  1. Incredible! I am really grateful to Resumewriters.com; because, what an unbelievable job this site does to my resume. For that I have managed a great job. I am extremely satisfied with Resumewriters.com. I will certainly be recommending for this site!
    Good Luck!!!