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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Features of Google Resume Builder

Most people think they have a serviceable resume, but that’s usually not the case. Even if you have worked with a so-called professional resume writer or at least have asked someone to check it for you, you will fail to get a job if it’s not optimized for the internet and online job sites. When it comes to optimizing anything for the WEB, you cannot afford to overlook Google. The same is the case when you need an optimized resume, as Google Resume Builder is what you need to secure a perfect job for you.
This particular application is loaded with interesting and effective features. By making the right use of it, you will be able to construct highly professional and visually exciting resumes. Basically, it’s a writing tool, but it also does the thinking for you. It means you can easily customize your resume according to your unique needs and requirements. And to help with this, the applications come with 15 different resume styles. You can check them and find the one that helps describe your qualifications and skills in the best way possible.
    Some of the most interesting features you find in Google Resume Builder are mentioned below:
  • There are as many as 15 templates. Not only can you find a template for your resume, you can also find a perfect style for your cover letters.
  • For those who are new to this writing thing it’s nothing less than a blessing to get a variety of resume examples to get started in a proper fashion. These examples are available in different languages including German, French and English. Moreover, you can educate yourself more about creating professional resumes by checking resume writing tips.
  • It’s easy to define your resume structure using this builder. You can see the structure in a user-friendly format; therefore, it becomes easier to figure which of the sections you’d want to publish. Moreover, it’s possible to modify and customize the order of the published sections such as objective, education history, employment history, biographical data, skill area, military history and more.
  • Another very useful feature is that the builder can easily integrate with Microsoft Office, allowing you create files that can easily be viewed on Plain-Text formats and Microsoft Word.
What it means is that if you want to create a perfect resume along with learning the ins and outs of writing professional resumes and cover letters, you should consider making use of Google Resume Builder.

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